Anti-scalding Hair Straightener Brush


At HAIRBES, with love we have specially developed the perfect anti-scalding hair straightener designed to meet your needs. It's all about our commitment to helping you look your best and inspiring confidence in you.


Fast Straightening Hair

The 3d denser teeth hairbes straightener brush gives your hair a smooth, silky, natural lustrous look by sealing the hair cuticles and reducing split ends. This provides you with a protection method to style your hair! With only 20 seconds of heat-up time, our hair straightener gets the job done in just a few short minutes and helps you achieve the perfect hairdo efficiently while saving your precious time.

Anti-Scald & Safety

Safety is our top priority. hairbes straightener brush designed a double-sided U-groove anti-scalding body, a 0.2 inch safe distance away from the heated ceramic chip to protect you from all angles. The environmental flame-retardant resin material ensures that it will not melt, smoke, or produce a toxic odor under long time using of the highest temperature. Plus, our brush straightener plays an effective auto-off effect.

Ionic Generator

Sleek shiny hair with ionic coating - hairbes enhanced hair straightener comb adopts ionic coating on the heating surface to keep hair shiny and healthy. During the styling process, millions of will be released with the heat and form a protective layer for hair, which effectively reduces thermal hurt to the hair. The extra ionic can deeply repair damaged hair and split ends, help you create frizz-free straight hair.

Hairbes Straightener Brush

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Our Reviews


I have healthy, thick, natural hair. This is after I washed, deep conditioning, and then blow dried my hair. Beautiful. Terrific. Also, no heat damage. Thanks


I did not expect how wonderful and fast it is and can reach the roots of the hair easely.


I loves this!!! This is the best hair straightener tool I've ever used!! Easy to use; easily straight the roots without burning the scalp. 100% recomended!!!


Very easy to use. Glides over hair easily and straightens it with one pass. No hair left in the brush when I was done


This tool is amazing!! Normally with my regular flat iron, I have to pass through 2-4 times. It cuts my straightening time in half!!! I highly recommend!!



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